BPAN project news

  • Эксперты-участники семинара у визит-центра «Губа Лиминка». Фото: Анна Кухмонен
    Utilization of the BPAN results was discussed in a Finnish stakeholder workshop in Liminganlahti
    The BPAN project has analyzed and evaluated protected area network in the Barents Region and produced unified information across the borders. These results and recommendations and their utilization in nature conservation planning in Finland were discussed in a stakeholder workshop on 21–22 May in Liminka Bay Visitor Centre, Liminganlahti, Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland. BPAN project was presented ...
  • Подпись к фотографии: Ведущий эксперт Тапио Линдхольм, руководитель проекта BPAN Анна Кухмонен, исполнительный секретарь Рабочей группы по сохранению арктической флоры и фауны Том Барри и советник по вопросам окружающей среды Ауликки Аланен на террасе Института Окружающей Среды Финляндии обсуждают планы на будущее по сохранению биоразнообразия Арктики. Фото: Рику Лумиаро
    Conservation of Arctic biodiversity was discussed in the mini seminar
    Arctic and boreal biodiversity conservation was discussed on 5 March in the mini seminar, which was organized by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment and Finnish Environment Institute SYKE. CAFF Executive Secretary Tom Barry presented the Arctic Council’s Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF)’s work. Also the BPAN project, and the role of Arctic and Barents Euro-Arctic Councils were dis...
  • Tambitsy church in Zaonezhye Peninsula (Photo: Andrei Humala)
    Russian and Finnish experts studied distribution of rare and threatened species of fungi, plants and animals in the Zaonezhye Peninsula in 2013
    Zaonezhye Peninsula is situated on the northern coast of the Onega Lake in Karelia, Russia. It shelters the famous Kizhi Island. The peninsula is characterized of high diversity of the basic limestone and carbonate rocks. In combination with especially fertile soils, this contributes to the development of high habitat and species diversity on which Zaonezhye Peninsula is considered as a separate v...
  • Filming Komi nature film. (Photo: Travelling in Komi)
    On the Trail of Northern Winds
    The Republic of Komi is one of the five Russian regions belonging to the Barents Region. Extensive intact territories and untouched landscapes make the area particularly valuable for nature of the European north. Therefore, the Republic of Komi has been a pioneer in the project to create a film about the protected areas in the Barents Region. The film "On the Trail of Northern Winds" is produce...
  • Bpan_Policy_Brief_kansi (2)
    New recommendations of the BPAN project to develop the Barents protected area network
    The BPAN project has produced recommendations to develop the protected area network in the Barents Region. The recommendations are based on wide analyzes of harmonized natural and anthropogenic data covering the whole region and evaluations of the protected area system with help of the CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas (PoWPA). The main target group of the recommendations area decision m...

Barents regional nature conservation news

  • Rohkunborri National Park (Photo: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen, bjornfree.com)
    National parks protect unique nature in Norway
    Network of protected areas is constantly developing in the Barents Region as nature conservation areas are being established. Protected areas are the one most important tools to secure biodiversity especially as exploitation of natural resources and climate change are threatening the vulnerable northern nature. The positive development is visible also in Norway where two national parks have bee...
  • Signing the agreement. (Photo: Press service of the Government of the Arkhangelsk Region)
    The Government of the Arkhangelsk Region and WWF Russia signed an agreement on environmental cooperation
    The document will form the basis for cooperation to develop the network of protected areas, conservation and sustainable use of forests and protection of rare species. WWF Russia hopes that the agreement will, in the very near future, promote the establishment of a new protected area; a landscape reserve in the intact forest between the Northern Dvina and Pinega Rives. WWF Russia has been worki...
  • Gridino reserve in the Republic of Karelia. (Photo: Ekaterina Polevaya)
    New protected areas in the Republic of Karelia
    In 2013, two new regional protected areas were established in the Republic of Karelia: Gridino complex reserve (zakaznik) and Kumi-Porog nature monument. The regional nature monument Kumi-porog is situated in the Kalevalsky municipality, covering 3 475 hectares of natural area surrounding the Voynitsa River and waterfalls Kumi, Dyrkino and Tuhko. It represents ecologically as well recreationall...
  • Landscape in the Onega Pomorye National Park (Photo: Antonina Kuliasova)
    WWF organized expedition to the Onega Pomorye National Park
    WWF organized an expedition in the newly established National Park Onega Pomorye, Arkhangelsk Region, from July 29 to August 8. Members of the expedition were environmental scientists and experts from Russia (Arkhangelsk, Vologda, St. Petersburg), and Norway. Within 10 days, they studied the natural values of the area and consulted with the residents of Pomorian villages. "The sites are simp...
  • Cover of the English Edition.
    Gap analysis in northwest Russia available in English
    Northwest Russia still boasts huge, intact forest and mire landscapes that have, when it comes to size and biodiversity, no match in Europe. Currently many of these areas have no protection status. Thus, they are decreasing and becoming increasingly fragmented due to logging and other human activities. Atlas of high conservation value areas, and analysis of gaps and representativeness of the pr...