BPAN news

  • Mapping high conservation value forests in the Barents Region: Sweden, Finland and Russia
    The results of the BPAN project on high conservation value forests (2015-2017) are now published as a publication with many maps and detailed tables. Results in brief can be found in English and Russian. Information on high conservation value forests from a large part of the Barents Region has now been compiled in one joint study. The results are presented on several maps and contribute to ...
  • The network of marine and coastal protected areas in the Barents Region needs to be strengthened
    A workshop on coastal areas in the Barents Region was held in Murmansk, Russia, in June, 2016. The workshop produced thematic maps on valuable coastal areas, as well as planned and protected coastal areas. The workshop also resulted in recommendations for developing the coastal protected areas networks. In addition to the expert conclusions on valuable coastal areas in the Barents Region severa...
  • Barents specialists in Oulu in June, 2017
    Watch a video! The high moments from the 9th HCF on video by Valentina Khoteeva. The 9th International Contact Forum on Habitat Conservation in the Barents Region was arranged in Oulu, Finland, on 6-8 June. The event, known as Habitat Contact Forum or HCF, has usually been held every second year and focuses on nature conservation and preservation of biodiversity in the Barents region. Participa...
  • Barents Protected Area Network BPAN and the Fennoscandian Green Belt were presented at COP 13 in Mexico
    The thirteenth Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 13) was held in Mexico from 4th to 17th of December. Implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and the achievement of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets were considered as one of main issues at the conference. Possibilities to achieve the goals depend on national commitment as well as on the c...
  • Barents nature now also on tour in Norway
    Barents nature is presented in an exhibition that comprises 15 stunning photographs from different parts of the area. The photos are taken by photographers from Finland, Sweden and Russia. A brochure, postcards and posters can be found on the side of the exhibition. The exhibition has been shown in various locations in Finland and Russia. “Barents – nature has no borders photo exhibition is now...

Barents regional nature conservation news

  • New national park to the Barents Region in 2017
    Finland will establish a new national park to Hossa situating in Suomussalmi municipality in Kainuu region. The new Hossa National Park in Kainuu, Finland will be established to celebrate Finland’s 100 years of independence. The nature in Hossa is very diverse. In the area there are three main waterways meeting and over 100 of clear-watered lakes and ponds. Also considerable amount of mire...
  • Large undisturbed forest areas protected in the Arkhangelsk Region
    The Uftyugo-Ileshsky Landscape Reserve in the Arkhangelsk Region has now been officially established after several years of planning. The BPAN project has supported the establishment of this new protected area which safeguards the intact forest landscape and several red-listed species. The news on the approval of the decree on the establishment of the landscape reserve of regional significa...
  • Rohkunborri National Park (Photo: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen, bjornfree.com)
    National parks protect unique nature in Norway
    Network of protected areas is constantly developing in the Barents Region as nature conservation areas are being established. Protected areas are the one most important tools to secure biodiversity especially as exploitation of natural resources and climate change are threatening the vulnerable northern nature. The positive development is visible also in Norway where two national parks have bee...
  • Signing the agreement. (Photo: Press service of the Government of the Arkhangelsk Region)
    The Government of the Arkhangelsk Region and WWF Russia signed an agreement on environmental cooperation
    The document will form the basis for cooperation to develop the network of protected areas, conservation and sustainable use of forests and protection of rare species. WWF Russia hopes that the agreement will, in the very near future, promote the establishment of a new protected area; a landscape reserve in the intact forest between the Northern Dvina and Pinega Rives. WWF Russia has been worki...
  • Gridino reserve in the Republic of Karelia. (Photo: Ekaterina Polevaya)
    New protected areas in the Republic of Karelia
    In 2013, two new regional protected areas were established in the Republic of Karelia: Gridino complex reserve (zakaznik) and Kumi-Porog nature monument. The regional nature monument Kumi-porog is situated in the Kalevalsky municipality, covering 3 475 hectares of natural area surrounding the Voynitsa River and waterfalls Kumi, Dyrkino and Tuhko. It represents ecologically as well recreationall...