BPAN exhibition

“Barents – Nature has no borders” photography exhibition

The BPAN project presents a photography exhibition, exploring the globally unique nature of the Barents Region. The purpose of this exhibition is to bring the magnificent yet remote natural areas of the region closer to people.

The Barents Region is a treasure trove of biological diversity that covers 1.8 million square kilometres. In addition to the spectacular nature, the region boasts a wide variety of natural resources and rich indigenous cultures. However, the northern nature is vulnerable and sensitive to change. The last natural areas and landscapes in the Barents Region are unique on a global scale.

The exhibition presents the nature and the protected areas of the Barents Region.

Be enchanted by the northern nature with us!

Previous dates and venues

  • University of Oulu, main lobby, Linnanmaa campus, from 16-28 Apr, 2015
  • Hetta, Fell Lapland Visitor Centre, Finland, from 12th May until 5th Jun, 2015
  • Hall of the Museum of History of Education of the Komi Republic, Russia, from 5th Jun, 2015
  • Museum of Syktyvkar State University, from 4th Jun until 6th Ju, 2015
  • Pallastunturi Visitor Centre, Finland, from 9th Jun until 31st Jul, 2015 (daily)
  • Green Week in St.Petersubrg, Russia, from 27-28 Jun, 2015
  • Nature Section of the National Museum of the Komi Republic, 10th Jul until 20th Aug, 2015
  • Bear trail (Karhunkierros) Visitor Centre, Kuusamo, Finland, from 10th Aug until 7th Sep, 2015
  • Finnish Environment Institute, Helsinki, Finland, from 25th Aug until 30th Sep, 2015
  • The International Forum on Tourism, Ukhta city, Russia, 10th to 15th Sep, 2015
  • Komi Republican Ecological Centre, from 25th Aug until 30th Sep
  • Nature museum, Iisalmi, Finland, from 14th Sep until 4th Octr, 2015
  • Habitat Contact Forum, Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, from 28th Sepr until 2nd Oct, 2015
  • Library of Keminmaa municipality, from 8th Oct until 11th Nov, 2015
  • The Biological Museum of Turku, Turku, Finland, from 4th Oct until 22th Nov, 2015
  • Barents Foreign Ministers Meeting, Oulu, Finland, 14-15 Oct, 2015
  • Barents Environment Ministers Meeting, Sortavala, Russia, 24-25 Nov, 2015
  • The Department of Culture of the Kortkeros Municipality, from 3rd Oct until 13th Dec, 2015
  • Library of Simo municipality, from 17th Nov until 30th Dec, 2015
  • Sompio Library in Sodankylä, from 1st Dec, 2015 until 20th Jan, 2016
  • IUCN Regional Conservation Forum for Europe, North & Central Asia, University of Helsinki, City Center Campus, Plenary Hall, 14-16 Dec, 2015
  • Library of Utsjoki municipality, from 25th Jan until 29th Feb, 2016
  • Arktikum, Museum and Arctic Science Center, Rovaniemi, from 2nd Feb until 9th Mar, 2016
  • Rovaniemi City Library, from 14th March until 1st April, 2016
  • Nature house Arkki, Pori, from 29th Mar until 15th May, 2016
  • Mäen gallery, Yllästunturi Visitor Centre Kellokas, from 15th May until 31st Jul, 2016
  • Library of Inari municipality, 1st – 31st Jun, 2016
  • Kouvola Main Library, 2nd – 28th Jul 2016
  • Kiuruvesi City Library, 1st – 23rd Aug 2016
  • Lappeenranta provincial library, 1st – 29th Aug 2016
  • Villa Elfvik, Espoo, from 31st Aug until 16th Oct 2016
  • Pudasjärvi City Library, 1st – 23th Sep 2016
  • Kannus City Library, 1st – 30th Oct 2016
  • Haapavesi Library, 1st – 29th Nov 2016
  • Hyvinkää Main Library, 7th – 22nd Nov 2016
  • Office of the Finnmark County Governor, Vadsø, Norway 15th Nov – 31st Dec 2016
  • Punkalaidun Library, from 28th Nov 2016 until 2nd Jan 2017
  • Vatiala Library, from 1st Dec 2016 until 2nd Jan 2017
  • Library of Ruokolahti municipality, 4th – 29th Jan 2017
  • Jäppilä Library, 5th – 31st Jan 2017
  • Rautjärvi Main Library 1st –24th Feb 2017
  • County Library of Finnmark, Vadsø, Norway 2nd Jan – 6th Feb 2017
  • Library of Tervo municipality 1st –30th Mar 2017
  • Raisio City Library 3rd –27th Mar 2017
  • Várjjat Sámi Museum, Varangerbotn, Norway Feb – April 2017
  • Oulu City Library/Provincial Library, from 31st Mar until 30th May 2017
  • Varanger Penninsula private national park visitor center, Kiberg, Norway, April – May 2017
  • Porvoo City Library 2nd –27th Jun 2017
  • Tornion City Library 2nd-30th Jun 2017
  • Porvoon City Library 2nd-27th Jun 2017
  • Øvre Pavik National Park Centre (NIBIO Svanhovd), Svanvik, Norway, June – July 2017
  • Rusko City Library 30th Jun – 11th Aug 2017
  • Kouvolan City Library 2nd – 28th Jul 2017
  • Tohlammin ja Lestijärven City Libraries 1st Aug – 29th Sep 2017
  • Kuhmon City Library 15 Aug – 15th Sep 2017

Barents — Nature has no borders

This exhibition consists of a series of photographs by Finnish, Swedish and Russian nature photographers. We are touring the exhibition in Finland, Sweden and Russia as a part of the BPAN project.

BPAN project promotes conservation of boreal and Arctic nature through the development of a representative network of protected areas in the Barents Region. It is coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute, in cooperation with Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Russian nature conservation authorities, researchers and NGOs.

The exhibition consists of 15 photos. Photo: Dmitry Deshevykh.

“It is far more interesting to look at animals through the lens of a camera than through the scope of a rifle. If my photographs make even one person change their rifle to a camera, to catch pictures instead of prey, my work has been worthwhile”, concludes Russian nature photographer Dmitry Deshevykh.

Arctic fox in a cold wind. Photo: Dmitry Deshevykh.

The exhibition consists of 15 photographs (70 x 50 cm framed). Their light aluminium frames are easy to hang with hooks or strings. The photographs are delivered in a cardboard box, weighing approx. 12 kg and measuring 60 x 60 x 80cm. The exhibition material also includes an information leaflet, exhibition posters and postcards to give out to the public.

Additional material

We are offering to lend the photographs for free from two to four weeks. However, we ask you to cover the cost of posting them to the next venue.

Please contact us to hire the exhibition to display at your venue.

For more information

Read more in Finnish: syke.fi/arcticlens

Anna Kuhmonen, firstname.lastname@syke, Tel. +358 295 251 322

Riku Lumiaro, firstname.lastname@syke.fi, Tel. +358 295 251 394