New protected landscape area established in Komi

The government of the Komi Republic has set a decree in August 2012 forming the Kargortsky protected area to preserve the geologically unique natural landscape. The territory is located in the Syktyvdinsk district within the rural settlement of the Kargort town, on the bank of the river Sysola.

In Kargortsky, a significant segment of Jurassic history of our planet can be studied continuously. The area is characterized by several geological exposures, and remains of Jurassic marine vertebrates, such as dental plate of chimaera fish and bone fragments of marine reptiles, have been found in the area. Scientific research and environmental education are allowed within the protected natural landscape.

River bank in the new protected landscape area. (Photo: Petr P. Yuchtanov)

Protection of the landscape area is carried out in accordance with the nature and environmental protection acts. Kargortsky is set to special protection prohibiting economic and other activities, if they are contrary to the objectives of the protected area. State supervision for the protection and use of the protected natural landscape is assigned to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Komi Republic.