Russian planned protected areas in spotlight

Did you know that one of the last herds of the endangered wild forest reindeer can be found in the planned Dvina-Pinega Landscape Reserve in the Arkhangelsk region? Or that in the Kola Peninsula there are several areas critical for the ecological balance of the region, such as old-growth forests and large mire complexes, spring fens and slope bogs, coastal meadows, mountain tundra, ravines and rocks?

The evaluation results of the BPAN project have given reason to highlight the biodiversity value of many of the planned protected areas in the Russian of the Barents. Some of the areas have been in the establishment process already for several years.

To promote the establishment of the planned protected areas with high conservation value in the Arkhangelsk and Murmansk Regions and Nenets Autonomous District, information leaflets have been published. These factsheets provide with general information on the areas, their biodiversity, opportunities and the status of the establishment process for general public.

Planned Dvina-Pinega Landscape Reserve between rivers Dvina and Pinega, in the Arkhangelsk Region.

Publications were elaborated by the specialists of the WWF-Russia in cooperation with the Centre for Environmental Protection in the Arkhangelsk Region, Directorate of Protected Areas in the Murmansk Region, Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Nenets Museum of Regional Studies as a part of the BPAN Project.

Download the brochures here:

Planned Protected Areas in the Arkhangelsk Region (pdf)

Planned Zheleznye vorota Landscape Reserve (pdf)

Planned Dvina-Pinega Landscape Reserve (pdf)

Planned Uftyuga-Ilesha Landscape Reserve (pdf)

Welcome to Kola Peninsula – brochure on protected areas (pdf)

Welcome to Kola Peninsula – map of protected areas in Murmansk Region (pdf)