On the trail of the northern winds

– a film on the nature of Komi Republic

The Republic of Komi is one of the five Russian regions belonging to the Barents Region. Extensive intact territories make the area particularly valuable for nature of the European north. Virtually untouched corners of nature can be found near cities.

The film, On the Trail of the Northern Winds, was shot from May to November 2012 in several parts of the republic. It depicts for example northern orchids, rare plants and rivers and streams that remind the Amazonian jungle. The film reflects not only the beauty of the northern regions but also an ancient relationship between forest and people.

Filming Komi nature film. (Photo: Travelling in Komi)

Filming Komi nature film. Photo: Travelling in Komi

The film is produced by the company “Travel Around the Komi Republic” in collaboration with the BPAN project, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Komi and the Finnish side of the Finnish-Russian Working Group on Nature Conservation.

On the Trail of the Northern Winds is recorded in three languages: English, Russian and Komi. You can watch the video in English on YouTube and versions in Russian and Komi will be available in educational institutions of the Republic of Komi. The English version is intended for international audience.

School children are watching a nature film during the Komi Ecodays. Photo: Petteri Saario