Sweden may assign more money to nature protection

The new Swedish government has suggested an increase in the budget for environmental issues and nature protection. Annual funding for protection of forests is proposed to increase with the equivalent of 70 milj EUR (640 milj SEK) and funding for management of protected areas and endangered species is proposed to increase with the equivalent of 38 milj EUR (350 milj SEK).

Management of protected areas in Sweden is proposed to get more funding in 2015-2018. In the photo Spjutberget-Rymmarberget Nature Reserve in Arvidsjaur municipality. Photo: Frédéric Forsmark

The government’s budget proposal for 2015 was handed over to the Swedish parliament (riksdag) on October 23rd, 2014 . The parliament will vote about the proposal in December. Since Sweden has a minority government, there will probably be a lively debate about the proposal.

The Swedish environmental policy is guided by a set of environmental quality objectives, including “Thriving wetlands”, “Sustainable forests”, and “A rich diversity of plant and animal life”. The increased budget for nature protection is intented to step up efforts to reach these objectives. Also actions to develop renewable energy sources and reduce climate emissions have got increased funding in the government’s budget proposal.

Planned nature reserve Temminki in Kiruna municipality is one of the protected areas that could be established with the increased funding for forest protection. Photo: Frédéric Forsmark

Tilak is a privately owned old-growth forest in Jokkmokk municipality standing in line for protection. Photo: Frédéric Forsmark

The new “Red-Green” Swedish government started its work in October 2014. It consists of the Social Democratic Party and the Green Party and depends on the support of the Left Party in the parliament.